TNC Convention Minutes 02-27-02016

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This is a Transhuman National Committee document – not an encyclopaedia article. Please do not edit it without special permission.

Convention was held virtually via streaming Youtube and voting via UNU swarm or group AI system.

Youtube Streaming:

Youtube streaming broke so we moved to goggle hangout here:

UNU platform for the TNC was here:


  • Should we adopt the minutes of the interim Board. - yes
  • Should we adopt the TNC Charter as linked - yes
  • Should we show all the magnets? - no
  • Should we adopt the By-laws as linked? - yes
  • Should we adopt the wiki guidelines as linked - yes
  • Should we adopt the open forum rules as linked? - Yes
  • Who should be the Board Secretary? - David Othus
  • Who should be the compliance Chair? - Daniel Anix
  • Who should be Financial Chair? - Mark Waser
  • Who should be Partner outreach chair? - Devin Daniels
  • Who should be social media chair? - B.J. Murphy
  • Who should be Vice Chair. - John Warren
  • Should we appoint more than one member at large to the board? - 2
  • Who should not be an appointed board member at large? - Max More (this appointment Natasha Vita-more and Katarina)
  • Who should be technology chair - Mark Waser
  • Who should be Chairperson? - David J Kelley
  • Should we adopt the draft platform as articulated - yes
  • we move to adjourn - yes