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Bitcoin should have its own page. It may be mentioned in an article on blockchain technology, but the mention should be a link to its own article. Likewise, each individual cryptocurrency someone feels like writing an article about should be its own page.

This page should also have a section on the general structure of blockchain, with links to pages describing the various common cryptographic algorithms supporting specific blockchains. For example, bitcoin page should link to SHA2 algorithm, with an external link to wikipedia's article on ECDSA. Likewise, Litecoin and its derivatives should have links to a page describing the Scrypt algorithm underlying them.

There are multiple ways to structure and secure a blockchain, proof-of-work is only one. Others include proof-of-stake, and proof-of-belief, among others.

I'm also adding an external link to the online peer-reviewed journal Ledger, the only peer-reviewed journal devoted to blockchain research.

Why should Bitcoin have its own page? What can transhumanists uniquely say about it that isn't best said elsewhere? Deku-shrub (talk) 11:06, 24 February 2018 (CST)

If you don't want it to have its own page here, that's fine. Linking to wikipedia or is sufficient. That makes the section on bitcoin specifically unnecessary as bitcoin is only one specific application of blockchain, especially since it is just a list of criticisms specific to bitcoin only and not blockchain in general. For example, the bullet: a series of embarrassing security failures, have nothing to do with bitcoin's protocol. These were security flaws in third party applications (mt. gox and others) that controlled or had access to users private keys.

This information is presented for reasons of balance. I try to be a descriptivist about blockchain rather than evangelical, please refactor it as you believe would be useful Deku-shrub (talk) 12:58, 24 February 2018 (CST)


This Deku-shrub (talk) 12:06, 1 January 2019 (CST)