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I think one of the most interesting trans humanism feature would be to enable transhumans to do telepathy with their eyes with everybody around them, to enter in the mind of someone else when they want, to transmit images also with eyes and to give emotions too, this would enable society to fight criminality and find criminals. Also another feature would be to have lights emanating from our eyes able to send more information and see in the black environment. No secret world, a new way to communicate. - Jonano

We need a page on bionic eye or similar but your comments are better suited for the talk page rather than the main page. You touch on the ideas of synthetic telepathy which needs a write up and of course future crime or similar which is an interesting topic. Why not compile some sources about them or write something up? Deku-shrub (talk) 15:22, 13 October 2016 (CDT)

my english is bad

my english is bad so. I wont write. I just wanted to give this idea up. and running.