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Reasons arent appropriate

Hey, I can see you're using the term 'fantasy' as proxy for 'has religious influences' and 'lack technical credibility'. I don't believe either use is appropriate. Deku-shrub (talk) 15:13, 30 October 2016 (CDT)

Ok, Which one, Is needed to removed? Chad The Humanoid-Goatman (talk) 15:47, 30 October 2016 (CDT)
Could you please try to tidy up the wording too Chad? It makes little sense to me. --TranshumanTees (talk) 15:51, 30 October 2016 (CDT)
Sure. Chad The Humanoid-Goatman (talk) 15:52, 30 October 2016 (CDT)

Matrix / Fantasy

I am not sure I would describe the Matrix as containing fantasy elements, the religious allegories are not supernatural Deku-shrub (talk) 18:02, 30 November 2016 (CST)

I'm not sure I would either. Although the third movie is quite far removed from reality. (Or is it?) --TranshumanTees (talk) 10:07, 1 December 2016 (CST)