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An important background on why the name 'space seeding' was chosen Deku-shrub (talk) 16:51, 15 December 2015 (CST)

J: The more I read the more I suspect there may be a way to create modified life that could survive on other planets like Mars, long enough at least to survive and replicate. Can you petition people to give this another name because if it turns out that this is true I don't want to be a "panspermia advocate". Directed exogenesis? Terraforming enthusiast? anything that doesn't have sperm advocate in the name really


J: I prefer the term "cosmic bukkake".

D: Apparently it can happen through 'PLANETARY EJECTION!'

J: I feel like a more accurate version would be "directed panspermia" but that just makes it far worse.

D: Also, there more specific term is 'DIRECTED PANSPERMIA!'

D: Apparently they contain biological payloads...

J: Stellar DNA dispersal.....all of it sounds terrible, I can't even

D: 'Space seeding' isn't -too- bad

J: That's not terrible, I could live with space seeding. So far it's the term that's farthest from just saying "interplanetary jizzing".

D: That's what I'll call it on H+Pedia. Much of this is going to be written up for an article on the IEET which I'm looking forward to :)

J: I swear to god I will just abandon the study of synthetic biology right now if the term for space seeding has anything to do semen.

D: I don't know, spaceSHIPs you think would spread seamen all over the galaxy... boldly going where no man has come before, just sayin.

J: I'll throw out all my microbiology books and go work for a bank because fuck this spermy future and intellerstellar transport of seamen.

D: The other method is delivering frozen foetuses and nanny robots, spreading a few microbes around seems less scary in comparison :)

J: That is profoundly creepy and may keep me awake at night.

D: Some scifi book covered it briefly, probably Nivern or Reynolds but I can't remember which