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This doesn't seem to be working with full functionality yet, but it's a start I suppose. I can't seem to use size or alignment settings. Will play about with it some more tomorrow when I get a chance. --TranshumanTees (talk) 17:40, 19 November 2016 (CST)

I have had a minor brainwave, I'm going to make a second template called something like "Trailer" specifically for the purpose of Film and TV trailers. I'll use the current code here and set the text to simply; "Trailer" with the container and width at its current value. This will mean adding to a page will give a relatively nice looking box like the one on Criminal and Hardcore Henry. We can then use Template:Yt for something more broadly YouTube related. Any thoughts or comments on that? I will also try and find out more about setting the width to a % rather than pixels. --TranshumanTees (talk) 18:00, 20 November 2016 (CST)