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The AI Party (Finnish: Koneälypuolue) is the world's first political party that aims to increase the use of artificial intelligence in political decision making.

The Finnish party is the culmination of The Center for Everything (Kaiken Keskus) artist group researching the possibilities of artificial intelligence for a couple of years.

The party lists problems caused by mankind, like environmental destruction and wars, and suggests that artificial intelligence should be used more in political decision making. The slogan is: "The world led by humans has been tried already" ("Ihmisen johtama maailma on jo nähty").

The party was founded on 2 March 2018.[1]

Founding the party in Sweden and Norway is also planned.

The concept of The AI Party is a co-creation by The Center for Everything, Triage Live Art Collective (Germany/Austria), Bombina Bombast (Sweden), and First Kiss Production (Norway).

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