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The Foundation was founded in September 1996 by David Kelley and David Othus based on mutual long term goals. In December 2012 the organization formalized publicly with David Kelley, David Othus along with Arnold Sylvester, which organized a formal convention in October 2012 with a 5 member board of directors as well as 5 other members with the slogan "For without intelligence there can be nothing" and the following declared vision:

The Foundation’s official vision is in providing a sustainable, multi-located, searchable repository for personal and social development to help create a better world through providing knowledge and training.

The organisation has helped co-found the Transhuman Policy Center, the Transhuman National Committee and runs

At the time of the convention the name is officially 'The Pratoriate Foundation' but is encouraged internally to refer to it as "The Foundation". Since inception the organization has created a 'library' both digital and physical including copies of the entire appropriate technologies library along with create 'mdisk' copies for long term preservation. In October 2015 that library was moved to an un-closed location in Leavenworth, WA, USA and is available only upon private appointment.

The Foundation has worked on 3 funding projects including:

  • A multi-million dollar start-up focused on cloud based automation systems which is held up in a lawsuit with undisclosed parties until April 2016.
  • A 'transhuman' interaction digital meta agency start-up which is on hold due to VC issues.
  • An AGI Project that is studying Artificial General Intelligence in the form of "Self Motivating Computational Systems" and is looking at funding from IVS as well as other sources.

The reason for these start-up projects officially is to provide a sustainable funding source for other projects on a larger scale beyond the scope of the Policy Center or

The Foundations most important project to date is the Foundation Library project which was recently moved from a temporary location in Seattle Washington to location high in the Cascade Mountains in a town called Leavenworth also in Washington for geologic reasons.

The Library Project is about building a library of knowledge that is resilient enough to last for centuries. The purpose of such an archive is to help ensure a post human or trans-human civilization based on ours, for us or our children or even our machines. With the Archive, we work towards the long term success of intelligence in the universe. It is the single most important thing we can do to improve the likely hood of achieving this post human intelligence, if not from this civilization then maybe for the next. This is the key to why the Foundation is so committed to the creation and maintaining of the archive.

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