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Hastings Center Logo, 1969

The Hastings Center is the world’s first bioethics research institute and is the oldest independent, nonpartisan, interdisciplinary research institute of its kind in the world.

"Founded in 1969 by philosopher Daniel Callahan and psychoanalyst Willard Gaylin, The Hastings Center is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization of research scholars from multiple disciplines, including philosophy, law, political science, and education. Our team includes other staff members with expertise in communications, publishing, and finance and a worldwide network of elected Fellows, an active board, and an advisory council. The Hastings Center and its scholars produce books, articles, and other publications on ethical questions in medicine, science, and technology that help inform policy, practice, and public understanding."[1]


"The Hastings Center addresses fundamental ethical and social issues in health care, science, and technology. Through our scholars’ writing and speaking, and through the work of the many other people who participate in our projects or submit articles to our publications, we shape ideas that influence key opinion leaders, including health policy-makers, regulators, lawyers, legislators, and judges. In addition to producing original research, we accomplish our mission through public engagement and service to the field of bioethics."[2]


"The Hastings Center examines major questions that advances in biomedical technologies pose to society. Should we edit the human germline? How should we derive benefits from synthetic biology and prevent potential harms? We bring together people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives to address these and other profound questions. Our research is carried out by interdisciplinary teams that engage in a rigorous process of analysis, deliberation, framing, and reframing of the key issues at stake. This work produces authoritative books, special reports, and other documents that inform professional practice and public policy." [3]

How can bioethics improve psychiatric research and practice?

Dr. Martha Finnegan, a psychiatrist and lawyer from Ireland, visited The Hastings Center in 2018.

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