The Infinity Dragon

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The Infinity Dragon is a project to reduce(and eventually eliminate) suffering and pain and erase evil and also raise the biological limits of happiness towards superhappiness and beyond using a conbination of futuristic laser neurosurgery, intellectually designed psychopharmacology and pharmacology, cognitive enhancers, epigenetic upregulator drugs, neurogenesis, nanotechnology and wireheading. The Infinity Dragon superhappiness is a project made by a young scientific philosopher mr. Lopez. The Infinity Dragon aims to reach superhappiness and superintelligence. Imagine the boost in cognition and mood that modafinil causes multiplied by thousands of times. The infinity dragon means that while we have failed in the past, it's not because all psychoactive substances are bad, but because we didn't intelligently engineer the right psychoactives that boost mood while preserving or even boosting intelligence as well. Fear can also be reduced and replaced with a brain chip functional equivalent of fear without the raw nasty feelings.

We should give better living through chemistry another chance before pre-maturely closing the doors of opportunity that await in the future well thought out chemical synthesis and reaction. We should not pre-maturely close the door to future safer mood brighteners and cognitive enhancers. Future utopian drugs can boost both mood and intelligence levels and even grow new brain cells.

The solution to the drug problem is not to ban all drugs, but to reengineer better and safer drugs with a wider range of benefits and few to no side effects. Going beyond phenylpiracetam, NSI-189, and Modafinil.

Utopian laser neurosurgery will remove the bad parts of the ACC(anterior cingulate cortex) that are associated with pain and suffering and replace them with a brain chip functional equivalent of pain and suffering without the raw nasty feelings.

The abolition of suffering and raising the ceiling of happiness and boosting the biological mood range of positive emotions are very feasible.

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