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The Machine Trailer

The Machine is a 2013 science fiction movie starring Toby Stephens and Caity Lotz.


A new cold war with China has resulted in the largest recession the west has ever faced, and a new arms race has begun. This time the arms in question are intelligent machines.

Transhumanist Elements

Vincent McCarthy (Toby Stephens), a computer scientist, has created brain implants that allow soldiers with brain damage a chance at a new life. There is a side effect that these new cyborgised soldiers are now no longer able speak, becoming mutes.

The MoD (Ministry or Defense) has also begun developing advanced prosthetics for amputees. One recipient of such prosethics is shown to have enhanced strength as a result. The materials used are also said to be bullet proof.

Ava (Caity Lotz) and Vincent meet at an AI turing test, and soon begin working together at the MoD to create a new kind of Artificial Intelligence with the use of Quantum Computing.

After Ava becomes suspicious of the work being done at the facility, she is killed. Vincent then decides to create a cyborg using the work he and Ava had been working on up to that point. The Cyborg created looks like Ava, but "The Machine" refers to Ava as her mother.

Vincent's daughter becomes sick and later dies, but before she does, Vincent takes a neurological back up or Mind file of her. This is later used as a plot device during the finale of the movie where Ava saves Vincent and his Daughter's file with the help of the other cyborg soldiers at the facility.

After escaping, Vincent is seen communicating with his Daughter's digital self on a tablet like device.

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