The four technoprogressive pillars

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From Chapter 1. "Vision and Roadmap" page 26

The four technoprogressive pillars are a hallmark of technoprogressive thinking expressed by David Wood in his 2018 book Transcending Politics.


The use, as far as possible, of principles of independent rationality and scientific analysis.


The pillar that sets the direction for policy, namely the profound ongoing elevation of all-around human health, human wisdom, human well-being, and human freedom.


The active involvement of the entire population both in decision-making and in the full benefits of transhumanism.

I'll have a lot more to say about democracy in Chapter 10. "Democracy and inclusion"

Earlier on page ten, David writes, "Super democracy: significantly improved social inclusion and resilience, whilst upholding diversity and liberty - overcoming human tendencies toward tribalism, divisiveness, deception, and the abuse of power."


Which might be expressed as exponential urgency: the accelerating pace of technological innovation threatens to hurl humanity within just a few short years into a bewildering no man's land between pitiful existential disaster and a magnificent sustainable abundance. We need to hasten our understanding of the possible trajectories ahead and equip ourselves to progress at full speed in the required direction.

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