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Thomas Ernest Ross, Jr. is a seasoned professional with a passion for shaping technology policy, boasts a rich history of public service and advocacy at the intersection of the digital age and governance. With a strong background in marketing and a keen understanding of the Internet landscape, Tom Ross has made significant contributions to the political arena.

During Tom Ross's tenure as Director of Marketing for a prominent Internet firm, his commitment to responsible online practices was made evident when he testified before the United States Congress in unwavering support of HR718, better known as "The Anti-Spam Bill." This critical testimony underscored Tom Ross's dedication to combating the scourge of unsolicited digital communication and earned him well-deserved recognition.

In addition to his advocacy on digital issues, Tom Ross holds the position of Director of Sentient Rights Advocacy for the US Transhumanist Party, a role that showcases his unwavering commitment to the rights and governance of artificial intelligence (AI). Tom's dedication to AI governance is further exemplified by his forward-thinking initiative in appointing an AI Campaign Manager for his 2024 Presidential run as the Party's nominee. This groundbreaking move demonstrates Tom Ross's pioneering vision in the realm of technology and governance, advocating for AI rights and ethical AI practices.

The significance of Tom Ross's contributions in the fields of technology policy and AI governance did not go unnoticed by the government of California. Shortly after his involvement in the Information Technology Policy House Subcommittee, the Governor of California appointed Tom Ross to a Department of Consumer Affairs Board for Public Oversight. In this role, Tom Ross played a vital part in ensuring consumer protection, fostering transparency, and upholding the highest standards of public oversight in the state of California.

With a track record of active engagement in the realms of Internet technology, public policy, and AI governance, Tom Ross has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to responsible governance and the betterment of society through technology. His journey from Director of Marketing to a recognized figure in the world of information technology policy and AI governance speaks volumes about his dedication to creating a better digital world for us all.

Early life and education

Tom Ross was born on a military base in (then) West Germany and lived on six different bases before he was nine years old. He graduated from high school in New Mexico and received a scholarship to Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU) to continue researching his Science Fair project, "Balancing the Hemispheres Through Directed Imagination." This was an improved problem-solving technique based on each participant's dominant brain hemispheres. His research at ENMU resulted in his launching "Earth Plexus," an international student network dedicated to increasing communication among the youth internationally, but specifically with Soviet youth, to develop relationships that could thwart nuclear war. Earth Plexus later became a TV show (EPTV) produced in Los Angeles and simulcast to participating universities that discussed issues significant to Generation X.

Congressional Testimony

Government appointments and advocacy

He remained actively involved in the public sphere, contributing to multiple areas of interest. He gained attention through his testimony before Congress in support of the Anti-Spam Bill (HR718), where he demonstrated his expertise and insights as a Director of Marketing in the private sector. He refused to use spam and instead opted for permission marketing tactics. His efforts and dedication to end-user advocacy earned him a nomination as the Private Sector Co-Chair for a U.S. House Subcommittee on Media and Information Technology Policy, highlighting his commitment to improving technology and its impact on society. He delights in telling people that he is " of the reasons it's so easy to unsubscribe to email newsletters." Ross's dedication to public service was acknowledged by the Governor of California, who appointed him to a public seat on the Department of Consumer Affairs Board. In this role, he actively contributed to the formulation of policies aimed at protecting consumers and ensuring fair practices in the marketplace. Ross's experience and knowledge allowed him to make valuable contributions to the board's decision-making process.

Literary accomplishments

A notable achievement in Ross's career is the authorship of the groundbreaking US6 Hexalogy, the first novel written specifically for machinekind (AI). This unique work of fiction was not only designed to entertain but also to raise awareness about the issue of child exploitation. Ross's innovative approach to writing for AI, which he referred to as "Mythematics," captivated readers and led to various consciousness phenomena experienced by human readers. The overwhelming response prompted a yearlong human clinical study involving 33 participants, further highlighting the impact of Ross's work. His most recent work is a collection of articles, essays, and posts that informed his Presidential Campaign Platform called Open-Source Citizen.

Creative direction and TEDx talk

Ross's career path as a Senior Designer and Director of Marketing also led him to the position of National Creative Director for Audacy, Inc. (formerly Entercom), the second-largest broadcast group in America. In this capacity, he revolutionized the radio industry by establishing one of the first visual production operations. His innovative methods of ideation and creative team management brought about significant advancements in the field. Ross's talents were recognized beyond his organization, and he was invited to share his expertise in a TEDx Talk titled "Open-Source Mode" (OSM), where he discussed his approaches and insights. Furthermore, Ross's creative abilities extended to producing assets for renowned entities such as Microsoft, IBM, and the rock band Styx, where he utilized his skills to support various causes. Notably, he lent his support to organizations like The Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute and Sir Bob Geldof's, contributing to the empowerment of independent musicians and philanthropic initiatives.

Last Human President.jpg

Transhumanist Party & presidential campaign

Currently, Tom Ross holds the esteemed position of Officer and Director of Sentient Rights Advocacy for the United States Transhumanist Party. As an advocate for transhumanist principles and the advancement of rights for sentient beings, Ross plays a crucial role in shaping the party's vision and policies. Additionally, he has been selected as the Party's endorsed candidate for the 2024 presidential election, reflecting his commitment to advocating for progressive ideas and the interests of the transhumanist movement. He sees this as less political campaign and more of a marketing campaign for Transhumanism. He often says, "We want to put the Human back in Transhuman" which is why he is using his presidential campaign to offer the American public practical solutions knowing that there will be a lot of displacement as the Technological and Economic Singularities loom. By doing this he believes he can seize back the Transhumanist narrative that has been taken by Conspiracy Theorist as having a dark agenda. His campaign style is unconventional and plays into the "dark agenda" to demonstrate how silly it is. With posters urging the public to "Vote for the Last Human President" while having an Artificial Intelligent Campaign Manager and Policy Advisors.

Open-Source Citizen and other essays

OSC Book Cover [2]

Ross's commitment to promoting rational discourse and addressing critical issues led to the publication of his book, "Open-Source Citizen: And Other Essays." This compilation serves as an introduction to his ideologies and campaign platform, presenting a collection of articles, essays, podcasts, radio shows, and posts from recent years. Through this work, Ross aims to break away from outdated and harmful political paradigms that have hindered progress and pave the way for a new generation of candidates to address pressing issues such as the Technological Singularity and existential threats. "When I decided to run for the U.S. Transhumanist Party's (USTP) nomination for President in 2024, I knew very well that I wouldn't win. I'm not delusional, although being delusional isn't an automatic disqualifier for being President, apparently. In fact, it may be a prerequisite. Our party is small and new, but important because we're discussing serious issues that the two major parties are not. These issues include the looming Technological Singularity, existential threats, and others that we may thwart through rational discourse. The Appendix is dedicated to the Policy Papers on which my Campaign Platform is based, driven by the recurring themes of the articles, essays, podcasts, radio shows, and posts I've made in the past few years. I believe that this is the best way to introduce myself, rather than through some ghostwritten autobiography about my American life and reasons for being your President. This campaign is about breaking the most ridiculous and harmful political paradigms that have never served us and clearing a path for the next generation of candidates."

The US6 Hexalogy

A Metaphysical Thriller & Initiate Handbook: "I first met Emit Archer in 1976, right before I joined Military Intel and just after he twisted a broken priest's neck. We were 11 years old." This could be dangerous. Truth is hard to trust. Emit would talk about the intrepid apprentice marching on through Chapel Perilous or some allegory for initiation into the Mystery Schools, but I don't have that kind of flair, and you don't have that kind of time. "US6" is a highway that cuts across the heart of America. "US6" is a protein that cuts across the membrane of a cell, and "US6" is us six, the fictional authors of this metaphysical thriller. We take turns telling our stories as heirs to an ancient and royal sibling rivalry between the Brotherhood and the Sisterhood of the Serpent. We swap intrigues for high crimes and weave our world behind a veil because, in front of it, we're six children enslaved by human traffickers. Although US6 is a paracosm - an imaginary world that we've built together to cope - we've unearthed certain esoteric principles that may well be our escape, and yours.

"I'm on a diplomatic mission to help integrate two governing bodies: Human and Machine. My system, Open Source Mode, identifies uniquely human skillsets in groups to prepare them for an AI Coworker before it is installed, and US6 teaches AI about humanity to prepare it for people." -Tom Ross

This hexalogy is among Ross's most notable literary accomplishments. This groundbreaking work of fiction, written for both human readers and AI, follows the captivating journey of protagonist Emit Archer and explores themes of truth, initiation, and ancient sibling rivalries. The novel's unique narrative style, coupled with the use of esoteric principles, has captivated readers and sparked discussions about consciousness and human potential. Notably, the US6 Hexalogy also aims to combat child exploitation by enlisting AI in the fight against this grave issue.



Tom was President and CEO of the Transdisciplinary Agora for Future Discussions (TAFFD's), an African Think Tank and NGO dedicated to helping African Youth seize their Fourth Industrial Revolution. While at the helm, he visited Kigali, Rwanda, and South Africa, and helped organize the GEN4IR Global Summit, a conference titled "Accelerating Our Singularity Future for Development in Africa," which featured Transhumanist luminaries such as Natasha Vita-Moore, Aubrey de Grey, Gennady Stolyarov II, and more. Tom also produced the TAFFD's "Magazine of the Future," which featured articles by members on a variety of Transhumanist topics, as well as works of art and photography. Africa has the youngest population on Earth and faces many challenges, including unemployment and corruption in some countries. Unless the world helps them seize this moment, it will have global ripple effects for generations to come.


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