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Transhumane Partei Deutschland, abbreviated as TPD, (Transhuman Party Germany) is a German political organisation affiliated with the Transhumanist Party Global alliance.

They use the Fractal Future Network forums for discussions and are affiliated with De:Trans, the German branch of Humanity+


The foundation of the TPD was initated by Marcel A. Mayr who deemed it necessary to create a transhumanist party in Germany, after the media success of Zoltan Istvan, and the rapid subsequent foundation of the Transhumanist Party (UK). Among the official founders of the party are its current chairman Benjamin Eidam, the vice chairman and the founder of the Fractal Future Network Michael Hrenka.


On September the 27th of 2015 the TPD was officially founded in Stuttgart.


In practice the policy of the TPD is very much in line with Technoprogressivism. Its current core political demands of the TPD are:

  • Strengthening support for rationally improved science and education, especially for longevity research
  • Introducing a universal basic income, addressing the issue of looming technological unemployment


In late 2016 the TPD started launching work groups for specific topics, including basic income and takes, autarky, futurism, and media content creation.


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