Transhumanism in popular culture

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Mr Burns - transhumanist?

Transhumanist ideas are slowly making their way into popular culture beyond their staples of science fiction film and TV and various music videos:



  • 1990: L.A. Law - "Rollins old law school girlfriend, asks him to represent her suing the state for her constitutional right to be frozen alive for she has an inoperable brain tumor."[1]
  • 1996: The Simpsons in 'The Day the Violence Died'[2] references the urban legend[3] that Walt Disney's head was cryonically frozen after his death
  • 1997: In "The Springfield Files" it turns out sightings of aliens were in fact Mr Burns having undergone his weekly regime therapies to "cheat death for another week". Burns is also portrayed as a cyborg in a non-cannon episode.
  • 1999: Ross from Friends references Vernor Vinge's The Coming Technological Singularity[4][5][6]



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