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Where the party at?

Transhumanist Music for Cyborgs Top 20 is a public playlist available on the YouTube machine.

This is an ongoing project. The playlist is voted on randomly throughout the year and organized by Dalton Murray.

Here is the definition from the H+Pedia page Transhumanist music

"Explicitly transhumanist music is a small area in itself. Typically lyrics with heavy futuristic references will be combined with a range of genres from rap to folk to pop to create often highly expository media. … are well established in their own right as are pop songs with themes of immortality and robotics, with others spanning a wide range of genres and transhumanist themes."

And this is what I did to create the current Top 20 playlist

First I asked this question on my Facebook page and the H+Pedia group in May/June 2022

“Do you like Music? Are you a Transhumanist or cyborg wannabe?” 

I started with just ten songs, Top Ten. ‘It says Top 20, but when I click I only see 10 videos on the playlist.’ Because, why? 🧐 It’s your turn. ! Choose a song and enter it in the comments. (first one wins a secret prize - that nobody tells you about for 7 days)

… and so Christoph Kollmann was the first to offer a favorite song, MASTER BOOT RECORD - 80386, and he won the secret prize: a copy of the book Vital Foresight -The Case For Active Transhumanism by David W. Wood. 

In late June we then had a Top 20 List and …

Then I created 4 separate polls in the H+Pedia Facebook group

Based on the results of these polls, other feedback and comments in early July 2022 - we then had a final version voted on and inspired by the community. Various contributors to the original playlist include: Jun Murphy, Logan Thrasher Collins, T Theodorus Ibrahim, Gregory Cross, Christoph Kollmann, David Wood, Catlin Daniel Ashenfelter, Tim Wass, Lincoln Cannon, Andreas Melhede, Chris Monteiro and Tyler Rust.

On July 18th I created a subreddit [1]

In order to spread the word to other communities I created a subreddit. Turns out creating a subreddit is Supereasy; getting people to go there and all requires way more time and dedication, still kindof fun.

Autumn 2022 - There are now five playlists, in order of appearance:

Transhumanist Music for Cyborgs Top 20 [2]This is the Original playlist from July 9 - August 9, 2022 and will remain unchanged.

Transhumanist Music for Cyborgs Top 20 Archive [3]This is the archive for the Top 20.

Transhumanist Music for Cyborgs 24Hour Fadeout [4]This is different, this playlist makes the listener want to drift & wonder etc.

TMC 24Hour Fadeout Archive [5]This then is the archive for the 24Hour Fadeout - idea being ...

Transhumanist Music for Cyborgs Top 10 Summer 02022.1 [6]This is and/or was an experimental list and will remain unchanged.

Ok. Six! This is where any song suggested goes, regardless … for further review TMC Big Archive 200 [7]

After much thought...

#3 I will live forever-rick garcia and liela avila

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