Transhumanist separatism

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Transhumanist separatism is a fringe idea within the transhumanist political spectrum, advocating that transhumanists should form separate societies from mainstream society.

It can be considered a manifestation of the neo-reactionary movement, rejecting democracy and inclusivity.

When in 2010, Rachel Haywire and Jason Schoenecker wrote about "A Transhuman Separatist Manifesto",[1] it provoked reactions of both interest in the future of relationships between enhanced and non-enhanced individuals,[2] as well being described as 'a threat to H+' from various positions within Humanity+ who rejected such an idea.[3]

In later years, the concept of a separatist 'start up society' has been compared to more civilised ISIS, with scepticism directed towards ideas of libertarian sovereign compounds.[4]

As a metaphor for inequality

It is a popular idea that unequal access to new technologies will lead to a de facto split between those with and without access to the latest technologies, either in a oligarchic sense, or through state-sanctioned inequality.[5]

In fiction

  • In the X-Men franchise, conflicts between the Magneto's separatist Brotherhood of Mutants and Professor X's more inclusive approach set the backdrop of a number of conflicts in their fictional universe.
  • BioShock features a separatist underground state which allows radical genetic augmentations.