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Transhumanist synonyms and closely related terms

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The term transhumanist and transhumanism are frequently disparaged for a number of reasons,[1] often discouraging people from wanting to associate with the movement as a whole as a consequence. It is however defended by many including Zoltan Istvan.[2]

Within a futurist context there are a number of closely related terms that can be used either in conjunction with, or as an alternative to transhumanism:

Favoured terms

Contextual terms

  • Futurist - A futurist is someone who studies or otherwise has an interest in futurism.
  • Cyborgist - A more specific term with the focus on cybernetic human augmentation, but can also describe the technologically interconnected world we live in as described in Cyborg Anthropology
  • Singularitarian - A less popular term, more often adopted by those with the focus on the technological singularity and the radical impact on technology on society as a whole rather than the individual
  • Immortalist - A further future focused life extensionist, with more techno-utopian overtones
  • Techno-utopian - utopian can be used in both a supportive and disparaging context
  • Technophile - sometimes implies an uncritical appreciation of technology developments

Disfavoured terms

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