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Transpolitica 2016 was the first major event from Transpolitica with London Futurists on December 3rd. It was a one day conference on the topic of "Real world policy changes for a radically better future".[1]


  • Alex Flamant, Notion Capital: "Accelerating the regulatory approval of autonomous vehicles"
  • Alex Pearlman, Science Journalist, Kings College London: "The political future of genetic enhancements"
  • Alexander Karran, Senior Researcher, Transpolitica: "Surveillance capitalism: making big data work for all"
  • Anna Harrington Morozova, Scientific and Regulatory Director, REGEM Consulting: "Opportunities for changes in governance of biomedical innovations: choosing your battles"
  • Chris Monteiro, Principal contributor, H+Pedia: "Perceptions and projections of futurist political scenarios"
  • Dan Brown, Director of Meganexus Ltd: "ICT tools for computational government"
  • Dean Bubley, Founder, Disruptive Analysis: "Technological Unemployment? We can work through it"
  • Didier Coeurnelle, Co-president of Heales, "Making longevity politically mainstream, or die trying"
  • James Smith, Party Leader, Something New: "Building the world’s first open-source political manifesto"
  • Jason Blackstock, Head of Department, UCL STEaPP, "Practical steps towards better public decision-making"
  • José Cordeiro, Founding Energy Advisor/Faculty, Singularity University: "Practical and legal steps towards European cryonics"
  • Kathryn Corrick, COO, "Updating democracy"
  • Timothy Barnes, Founder and Senior Deity, The Rain Gods: "Bringing digital disruption to government"
  • Tony Czarnecki, Managing Partner, Sustensis: "From long-term sustainable growth to the economy of abundance"

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