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Turing Church is a transhumanist news outlet founded in January 2012 with an emphasis on spiritual transhumanism:

TURING CHURCH is a magazine about science, technology, religion, and spirituality. We publish original articles and reviews of external material at the intersection of sci / tech and spirituality, where science becomes religion, and spirituality becomes technology, to offer readers meaning and sense of wonder, and hope in personal immortality and resurrection, based on science.[1]

The founder and lead editor is Giulio Prisco. Contributors include Khannea Suntzu.

Turing Church recommends a statement of Ten Cosmist Convictions.[2]

Turing Church projects

Giulio Prisco published a list of three Turing Church projects in January 2015.[3] In June 2016, he provided an update on the status of Turing Church projects:[4]

  1. An anthology of short science fiction stories about technological resurrection, coming back to life in the far future universe, the life of immortal uploads among the stars and all that stuff
  2. A virtual gathering place and services/talks program using advanced virtual reality and videoconferencing systems
  3. A book “Tales of the Turing Church” which will blend and mix science (especially physics and computing), transhumanism, technology, and theology
  4. (A newer project) The India Awakens Conference, which will explore the convergence of Eastern and Western science and spirituality

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