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UK Transhumanist Association logo

The UK Transhumanist Association was active in the UK from 2004 to 2008.

Creation of the UK Transhumanist Association

The UK Transhumanist Association (UKTA) was publicly launched by a press release on 26 July 2004:

"The UK Transhumanist Association is a new not-for-profit organisation. Its purpose is to inject transhumanist ideas at all levels of British society with a programme of educational and lobbying activities on subjects including stem-cell research, cloning, biotechnology, nanotechnology and, in general, technological and scientific policy-making. The UK Transhumanist Association promotes the rights of individuals and families to improve and enhance their health, through the application of technological developments, now and in the future..."

The UKTA listed four names on its website as "speakers and advisors":

The UKTA logo (pictured) was credited as being courtesy of Russell Rukin.

Relation to other transhumanist organisations

The UKTA co-existed closely in the UK with Extrobritannia, which organised speaker meetings from 2002 to 2008, and which operated the Extrobritannia mailing list.

The organisation of transhumanist meetings in London transferred in March 2008 to the Facebook group UKH+.

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