Up-Wingers: A Futurist Manifesto

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Published in 1973 by Popular Library

Up-Wingers: A Futurist Manifesto is a book by FM-2030.

"The term "Up-Winger" was coined by the author to describe an alternative to the defaults of the right and left wing political duality.

Here is the manifesto for Up-Wingers - those who transcend right- and left-wing philosophies. There are whole new dimensions of thought and action emerging which go far beyond Right and Left, far beyond conservative, liberal, and radical Left-dimensions which defy all our age-old philosophies and ideologies. How do you identify space scientists now working to establish communities outside this world? Or this working on the implantation of electrodes in the body to enable the individual to control its own body and emotions? Or geneticists and bio-engineers striving to redo the human body and conquer death? There and other breakthroughs are outside the range of all traditional philosophical, social, economic, political frameworks. There emerging dimensions are Up. We line in the most revolutionary and promising era in our entire history. It is a time not simply of historic changes but also of cosmic upheavals. Suddenly everything is possible. Pessimism is Old World and reactionary. We are at the beginning of the Age of Optimism."

- FM-2030, Up-Wingers: A Futurist Manifesto[1]

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