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An regular and surprisely highly active User of H+Pedia and First Furry (along Furry Lifestyler who almost refer of time as "Biofurry") of this site.


Born in June of 1995 in Nevada. Im just guessed an Furry (Furry lifestyler) that pefer genres or other fandoms like Forementioned Biopunk and Furry subgenres are mostly pefer (again), Sci-fantasy, Postcyberpunk leading Biopunk semi-utopia/dystopias and Video gaming (Fallout series (Post-Apocalypic alternate universe), rarely Elder Scolls series) are my very few favorite genres. My other fandoms/subcultures are Steven Universe (Cartoon), Star Wars (Bill Nye's pure enemy fandom), BioShock, Valve's fanbase/fandom like Half Life or Left 4 Dead, Forementioned once again Furry fandom in general.


Was raised as Republican (Mentally Centre-right) until 2007, Interest in Democrats with eventally join Democratic Party in 2013 (Centre-left as party itself and mainstream media outlets claim, Centre is still want trending Centre-right (And was thanks for self-proclaimed 'Progressives'/'Liberals' nominated Hillary Clinton (put enough lose to Donald Trump) in reality) until lose interest in 2010 or 2012/2014, Put now very lost faith/hate them in ether major parties ever since June 8, 2016.

In December 2016, He switched his affiliation from Democrat to Green (put enough his state's rule to must be Unaffiliation by default and technically as Independent Green) and probably supporting its state's Green Party activites until waiting more North Carolinans are joining Green Party.

Put now current affiliated as independent until found few Politcal parties in left wing that refering like Democratic Socialists of America and (Less unfornately and unlikely) Transhumanist Party USA. I self-identified as Mentally or Psychologically Left-wing independent (put its now Indenpendent-leading Green as this election will be over in November) with some Democratic Transhumanist or Technogaian/Bio-Technoprogressives (mostly Biotechnological variant) learnings.


I currently believing as Hellenist since 2013 put was secretly interest the mythology for long time.

Interest (For this site only)

  • Biopunk (Ether as Sci-fi fiction or real life biotechnological focused subculutural movement) (Its most interest in this list)
  • Democratic Transhumanism
  • Genetic engineering advocates
  • Body modification enthusiasts
  • Furry subculture
  • "Pure" Transhumanism
  • "Biotechnological" Futurism (Its least to nearly interest in this list)
  • (Somewhat least left-wing variant) Transhumanist separatism - that I only heavily focused 'Transexhuman bio-augmentations' from "'Hypocritical' Cybernetic-favored reactionary-influnced mainstream human-society that even bigger influence by rest of transhumanist community" or almost mutated into possible human-animal hybird though mostly biotechnology that others indeed find alternates besides strong cybernetic posthumanism or not going "One Way" that most transhumanists stereotypically stuck with.

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