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Mark Crowther is 20yr+ technology veteran and a genre fluid fiction author (writing as Mark J Diez). He is a writer on Transhumanism, Bio Equity and Technology working at the technology consultancy, BJSS. His debut novel, The Hannover Game, was published in British English and translated to Spanish using an AI based system and post edited by a human.

Crowther is a contributing author to the Springer Nature book, The Transhumanism Handbook, and writes independently about Transhumanism on Quora and Medium.

Bio Hacking Research

In 2017 Crowther had an NFC tag injected into his left hand and founded Medico Tag, a medical technology research startup. Medico Tag aims to utilise NFC and Blockchain technology to create a patient owned medical records system that can be used to link emergency responders and care providers.

Concept of Bio Equity

In late 2018 Crowther first coined the term Bio Equity to encapsulate the idea of legal ownership of all aspects of the biological self. This includes the ability to transfer ownership after death, as an extension of both property and inheritance laws. He is working with an advisory of three lawyers to clarify the legal position and publish a paper for review.

Quantified Self Research

In Q1 2019 Crowther set up a 'skunkworks' project aimed at collecting, analysing and presenting 55 data points from individuals relating to themselves and their daily lives. This is being used to develop a Bio Equity analysis application.

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