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Utilitropics are hypothetical futuristic utopian nootropic 'designer drugs' that can enhance mood safely while preserving or even enhancing intelligence and/or strength/speed/stamina. Psychoactive substance stacks may one day be made to boost range of benefits and reduce side effects and prevent glutamate excitotoxicity when they leave the prototype stage. Future intellectually designed utilitropic drugs could far rival our wildest dreams and have an extremely high safety range.


Examples of utilitropics are:

  • Modafinil, phenylpiracetam, seroquel, selegiline, PF-4455242, NSI-189, 5-API, 9-Methyl-Beta-Carboline, JWH-200, CGS-15943, 5-MAPB, Selank, bromantane, methiopropamine, kratom, parnate, Cardarine, RAD-140, Enclomiphene, Tropoflavin, 6-APB, 3-FMA, Methiopropamine (MPA), Ethiopropamime (EPA), 4F-MPH, Adipex, 3-F-a-PVP, Prolintane, Propylhexedrine (Cyclohexylmethylaminopropane, Vitamin P), Cyclohexylaminopropane (Norpropylhexedrine), Arecoline Hydrobromide, Kava, D,L-Deprenyl (D-Deprenyl + L-Deprenyl), and memantine.

Examples of near utilitropic stacks are:

  • The amphetamine and memantine stack.
  • The Ethylamphetamine and Tropoflavin stack.
  • The Propylhexedrine and Tropoflavin stack.
  • The MDMA and memantine stack.
  • The JWH-200 and memantine stack.
  • The methiopropamine, memantine, flopropione, and selegiline super stack.
  • RAD-140 and then Enclomiphene afterwards. (strength)
  • Cardarine. (Endurance and stamina enhancement)
  • The modafinil and selegiline stack.
  • The parnate, memantine, opicapone, and kratom super stack.
  • The methiopropamine, phenylpiracetam, and memantine stack.
  • The low dose 3-FMA, Selegiline, and Tropoflavin stack.
  • The D,L-Deprenyl, Kratom, and low dose Adipex and Tropoflavin stack.
  • The low dose 4F-MPH and Tropoflavin stack.
  • DMAA (Dimethylamylamine. Geranamine. Pre-work out.)
  • The low dose 3-F-a-PVP and Tropoflavin stack.
  • The Norpropylhexedrine and Tropoflavin stack.


Future functional equivalents of current substances may be made in the future with a far greater range of benefits and far fewer side effects. Already, we are seeing modafinil as a superior alternative to caffeine.[citation needed] We are seeing bretazenil and 2-methyl-2-butanol being used as superior alternatives to ethanol with less toxicity and side effects. We may see future substances and substance combinations with much greater boost in both intelligence and mood and with dramatically reduced side effects. Some substances boost strength and speed. The future substances could be non-toxic and have no long term dangers. We must not prematurely foreclose such opportunities to radically boost intelligence and positive mood range towards superintelligence and superhappiness. We must not succumb to political agendas[citation needed] and we should base future drug laws on science.

Regulatory issues

Prematurely foreclosing such futuristic technologies in a pill combo will risk a future where we humans will not catch up with the exponential influx of information and stress. We must not ban emerging technologies.[citation needed] A new society needs a new architecture of emotions and hypermotivation and superfocus.