Voyages of the Ship of Theseus

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Voyages of the Ship of Theseus

The YouTube video Voyages of the Ship of Theseus was created by Keith Wiley in September, 2016.


The video's purpose is to convey the subtleties involved in interpreting how personal identity is affected by various transformations to some physical system. This issue is of crucial importance to the philosophy of mind uploading. The video makes no specific mention of mind uploading, so as to avoid prematurely alienating a general audience. Rather, it approaches the topic from a famous historical and philosophical anecdote, The Ship of Theseus first attributed to the 1st century greek philosopher Plutarch.

One of the goals of the video is to illustrate aspects of the interpretation that are often missing from other expositions of The Ship of Theseus. In this way, the video attempts to achieve a more thorough coverage of the topic than is usually offered, especially in ways that may impact eventual mind uploading scenarios.

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