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Warren Ellis

Warren Girard Ellis is an English comic-book writer, novelist, and screenwriter. He is best known as the co-creator of several original comics series, including Transmetropolitan (1997–2002), Global Frequency (2002–2004), Red (2003–2004)—adapted into the feature films Red (2010) and Red 2 (2013)—Trees (2014–present), and Injection (2015–present). Ellis is the author of the novels Crooked Little Vein (2007) and Gun Machine (2013), and the novella "Normal" (2016).

A prolific comic-book writer, he has written several Marvel series.


Nonfiction and email newsletters

Ellis is a contributor of nonfiction articles and columns to magazines and websites. He has been a columnist for SuicideGirls, Reuters, Vice, Wired UK, and Esquire. From 1995 to 1999, he wrote an email list titled From the Desk of, where he wrote about various subjects including the comic industry and his work. From the Desk of was collected in two print volumes by Avatar Press. When technical issues forced that list to shut down in 2001, Ellis started a new email list, Bad Signal, which was described as "anarchy in your mailbox to brighten up your day". Bad Signal was replaced in 2012, two years after its closing, by Machine Vision; Ellis ended Machine Vision alongside his relationship with his publisher Mulholland Books a year later. Since 2013, Ellis has been writing the weekly email newsletter Orbital Operations, which features work updates, and thoughts on books, comics, and current events. As of late 2015, Orbital Operations had 13,000 subscribers.

In 2007, Ellis launched the now-defunct message board Whitechapel as a companion to his webcomic FreakAngels, though it rapidly evolved into his internet home. He is frequently referred to as "The Boss", "Stalin", "The Love Swami" or "Internet Jesus" on these forums. Ellis maintains a blog at his personal website, thought it is rarely updated. Since 2014, he writes regularly at Morning.Computer, where he posts morning thoughts. In 2015, Ellis published Cunning Plans, an ebook collection of talks he gave at technology and futurism conferences.

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