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Wearable computing is the design and usage of computer systems intended to be worn on, but externally to, the body of the user.

Consistent users of wearable computers are frequently styled as 'cyborgs', and may be considered fyborgs.

Hostile responses

  • On February 18, 2002, Steve Mann was strip-searched by security guards at St. John's International Airport, damaging his wearable computing system and forcibly disconnecting it, leaving him bleeding and disoriented.[1]
  • Neil Harbisson's color perception prosthesis was damaged in 2011 by police who tried to pull it from his head.[2]
  • On July 1, 2012, Steve Mann was assaulted by personnel at a McDonald's restaurant in Paris, France, acting under the apparent assumption that his Eyetap system was a recording device.[3]
  • Kyle Russell, a reporter for Business Insider, was attacked on the street in San Francisco by a woman who pulled his Google Glass from his head and smashed it on the ground.[4]

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