When Worlds Collide

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When Worlds Collide 1951 Trailer

When Worlds Collide is a 1951 Science fiction film directed by Rudolph Maté. The movie is based on a 1933 novel of the same name that was co-written by Philip Wylie and Edwin Balmer. The novel also has a sequel titled; After Worlds Collide.


When an observatory in South Africa makes the discovery of a new star (Bellus) and planet (Zyra) heading towards Earth, The fate of the world is in jeopardy. A team of survivalists funded by two humanitarians and another wealthy individual with desires on saving his own life, begin to construct a space "ark" in order to travel from Earth to Zyra with the hope of preserving humanity.

Transhumanist Elements

The movie is heavily centred around space colonisation and space travel. There are also some elements of futurism relative to the time period of the movie.

The third backer of the space ark project (Sydney Stanton) who wants to save his own life by funding the building of the ship, gives the story an element of oligarchic transhumanism.

Future of When Worlds Collide

A remake of the movie was said to be in the works, but there is little to no news of if or when such a movie will be made.[1] [2]

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