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Note: H+Pedia is ready to partner with the creators of existing wikis that have transhumanist-related material, to highlight the best material available, and to give that material more prominence worldwide. See also H+Pedia:Websites for assimilation.

Wikis that cover transhumanist themes include:

Organisations Wiki Comment Relationship with H+Pedia
Competing Wikis
IEET IEET Technoprogressive wiki None yet, could merge in the future
Technolibertarianism TechnoLibertarian Wiki Small site, maintained by Mike Lorrey Acknowledged
Merging Wikis
The Future Wikidot The Future Wikidot Futurism from Wayne Eddy H+Pedia:The Future Wikidot merger
Transhumani H+Pedia:Transhumani merger
Defunct Wikis
SL4 Wiki SL4Wiki Wiki associated with the SL4 site and mailing list
Transhumanism Wiki A poorly maintained Wiki site, mostly featuring content copied in from Wikipedia Advert for H+Pedia placed on the home page and an adoption request has been made
The Transhumanist Wiki
Transhumanist Party Global The Transhumanist Party Global wiki Party communication focused, separate to H+Pedia Well established relationship
Singularity Volunteers Ben Goertzel
Reducing Suffering Wiki Brian Tomasik
Complementary Wikis
Less Wrong Wiki Rationality and futurism H+Pedia page created, management cross-over
Transhuman National Committee The TNC wiki TNC charter, by-laws, and board minutes, separate to H+Pedia Agreement to not compete
Fractal Future Network The Fractal Future wiki Maintained by Michael Hrenka Site project wiki only
SpecWiki Speculative Evolution
DIY Hplus Biohacking wiki An admin is aware of H+Pedia
Future Wikia Futurism from Jonathan Despres and others An admin is aware of H+Pedia
Aging Chart Aging research Grinder resource site
Cyborg Anthropology Human-computer interaction and cyborgisation
AdCiv Open manufacturing and post scarcity society
Science and Technology Studies
Gerontology Wiki Supercentenarians, Longevity, and Oldest People
Technovelgy Not actually a wiki, but a large wiki-like site reviewing technology in speculative fiction
Global Foresight wiki Educational resources in futurism
General Wikis
TV Tropes Fiction-centric thematic analysis
Wikipedia Project noted in Wikipedia:WikiProject Transhumanism and Wikipedia:WikiProject_Futures_studies