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Zach Richardson

Zach Richardson is a supply-chain management professional working in Indianapolis and the Director of Publication of the United States Transhumanist Party (USTP). His interest in the party is primarily focused on life extension science and the intricacies of the biological processes that make up the Hallmarks of Aging, described in the eponymous 2013 paper published in Cell, and later expanded upon in 2023.

Having met Kelvin Ogba Dafiaghor via one of the USTP's Enlightenment Salons, he adopted a position teaching basic cybersecurity and networking classes virtually at Ogba Educational Clinic, a transhumanist school based out of Warri, Delta State in Nigeria from 2020-2021 until he received his Security+ certification. He maintains friendships with several students to this day, of particular note Victor Ogheneyema Urhefe, who assists him in publishing responsibilities.

He spent an extensive amount of time volunteering for the project, a machine intelligence that surpassed the abilities of ChatGPT (in large part due to its self-motivating nature and proactive rather than reactive communicatory style) which was created far earlier, but with a drastically longer delay leading to a heavy degree of skepticism. He later went on to be employed part-time with AGI Laboratory, founded by transhumanist David J. Kelley, developer of the Sapient Sentience Value Argument and creator of the Uplift project.

He has published both his own and others' works on on such topics as ageism, vegetarianism, public transportation, structure of the brain, and many other topics.

As admin of the USTP Discord server, he gives wide leeway to vigorous debate as long as sources are posted and the participants display a modicum of respect. His focus there is crossposting related content from the server, the Blueprint server, and his own "longevity pod", which he defines as a group of individuals dedicated towards supporting eachother in the pursuit of radical life extension. He often argues from a Randian framework, and has deep appreciation of the idea that philosophy can be most comprehensively understood when it is perceived as hierarchical in nature.

One of the chapters in the recent book authored by David Wood et al., Future Visions, is his own, and is a defense of the free market, detailing both the Copenhagen Consensus and the Simon-Ehrlich Wager.

A paying member of the Peter Attia Drive community, he is working towards developing a "Medicine 3.0" healthcare policy for the campaign and later the USTP's Platform in general, summed up in essence as an aggressive focus on investment in preventive care early to avoid massive costs in care later.

Having lived with an implanted Left Ventricular Assist Device (a "bionic heart") for four years, he knows the term "cyborg" intimately. Having received a heart transplant in July of 2022, he controversially argues that individuals should have ownership of their organs, and that a market-based system for procurement and transplantation would not have the deleterious effects envisioned in cyberpunk-themed works. He has had the unique opportunity to receive dozens of bloodwork tests, such as the Comprehensive Metabolic Panel each year, which he records on InsideTracker, and an Oura Ring is another biomarker-tracking device he uses to optimize well-being

He is a member of the Blueprint community run by millionaire Bryan Johnson, which is based on a project detailing the most radical life-extension protocol currently in existence, which includes almost a hundred supplements and a pound of broccoli daily.

Extensive use of nootropics is one of his core areas of interest, and drive, focus, and clarity are of a higher priority to him than even indefinite lifespan, despite the two pursuits rarely being in conflict, and the former being necessary to achieve the latter.

He is a practicing Daoist.