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Zero State is an organisation that seeks to form a transnational state based upon futurist and transhumanist principles.

Two of its founders Dirk Bruere and Amon Twyman would go on to found the Transhumanist Party (UK). has been folded into the Institute for Social Futurism website and the organisation was set to dissolve on January 21st 2016.[1]

In 2017 Zero State exists as part of Blackstar Systems[2]:

Blackstar is a research network which draws upon the expertise of affiliated organizations to address global problems. Groups affiliated with Blackstar are broadly categorised as being focussed on governance modelling, social policy research & consulting, and outreach programs.

Blackstar’s primary concern is cybernetics; the interdisciplinary study of control and communication in living beings, machines, organizations, society and other systems.

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